• Fixed an issue in the search results analyzer.
  • Fixed an issue in the item details panel.
  • Fixed an issue related to a 3rd party dependency.
  • Fixed an issue related to the login process.
  • Price reduced as a limited time promotion.
  • Fixed minified version of the foreground script.
  • Fixed erroneous dates in item graphs.
  • Added "Clear" & "Show All" buttons to the comparator.
  • Fixed item revenue box issue not showing sales data.
  • Fixed broken links in the help dropdown.
  • Item charts now show daily revenue instead of price.
  • Added visibility toggle to items in the comparator.
  • The comparator is now auto-generating ID colors for each item to easily distinguish between them in the charts & graphs.
  • Added date-range buttons to the comparator spline chart.
  • Fixed some spelling errors.
  • Replaced "item info" button with "external link" button. All item info can be found under "item charts".
  • Sales graph are not showing decimal numbers anymore.
  • Fixed text overflow issue in the item's page.
  • You can now navigate straight to the item's data page by clicking on it's thumbnail in the tracker table or the comparator.
  • You can now choose to view item revenue information based on daily, monthly or annually time frames.
  • The Item Tracker table is now properly ordering items by different columns.
  • Embedded tools "logged out" button now redirects to the right page.
  • Embedded revenue box is now always injected at the appropriate place.
  • Showing simple How to's when there are no items in the tracker/comparator.
  • Minor CSS improvements.
  • Enscouto's initial release!

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