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Item Tracker

The item tracker is one of the most powerful tools within Enscouto. It allows you to track any item in the marketplace and see how it is performing in real-time. Using the item tracker you can see the true revenue of an item, and more accurately estimate its potential.

When an item is added to the tracker, Enscouto immediately starts to “listen” to the item’s sales and price status. When the item is sold, or when its price is changed, Enscouto will record that change and (optionally) send you a notification about it.

Estimation VS Actual Data

Initially, the item tracker will estimate the revenue information of the tracked item and generate the item’s charts by looking at the overall performance of the item throughout its entire life.  This basic estimation is not precisely accurate, since it doesn’t take into account recent changes in the item’s market performance.

After the item has been in the tracker for more than 4 days, Enscouto will start using the tracker sales data to calculate the item’s revenue more accurately. The generated revenue data reflects how the item is currently performing in the market. This can be used to draw more accurate conclusions about the potential of an item.

The Item Tracker Table

All your tracked items are listed in the Item Tracker table. You can click on any of the column headings to order the table according to that column. Items that have been in the tracker for less than 4 days will have a yellow warning sign next to their sales & revenue figures, since those figures are considered to be an estimation until enough data is recorded.

Enscouto's Item Tracker
Enscouto’s Item Tracker

Adding Items

There are 3 different ways by which you can add items to the tracker. The most obvious way is to visit the item’s page in one of Envato’s marketplace sites and click on “Add to Tracker” in the item revenue info box. You can also add items from within the Search Results Analysis popup, or by manually adding it by pasting its ID in the “Add item by ID” input at the top of the Item Tracker.

Adding items to the item tracker
Adding items to the Item Tracker

Removing Items

You can remove items from the tracker by clicking on the trash icon next to the item in the Item Tracker. You can also remove an item by clicking on the trash icon next to it in the Search Results Analysis popup. When you remove an item, all the sales & price data that has been recorded will be discarded as well. This operation cannot be undone, so use caution.

Removing an item from the Item Tracker
Removing an item from the Item Tracker

Item Charts

You can see how the item has been performing by clicking on the chart icon in the item actions. This will take you to the item page, where you can see its banner and Thumbnail, see its revenue info and view a spline graph of its sales & price changes over time. In the spline graph, solid lines represent actual recorded data, while dashed lines represent estimation.

The item info & charts page
The item info & charts page
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