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Search Results Analysis Popup

Enscouto lets you see revenue and sales information for multiple items using the search results analysis popup. The popup loops through all the items in the search results, then gathers their revenue information by connecting to the Envato API and retrieving the item’s data.

If you open the popup more than 4-5 times in a minute, you may hit Envato's API rate limits. Rate limits are reset every 60 minutes. Once the rate limits are reset, you can open the popup again.

How to use the search results analysis popup

  1. Go to one of Envato’s marketplace sites, like themeforest.com.
  2. Select one of the categories at the top or use the search bar to conduct an item search.
  3. At the top east corner of the search results, locate the search results popup button and click on it. Enscouto's search results analysis button
  4. The search results analysis popup will open, and it will take 1-2 seconds for it to get all the information from the API

    Enscouto's search results analysis popup
    Enscouto’s search results analysis popup
  5.  Once complete, you will be able to see the revenue information of all the items in that page. You can click on any of the column titles to sort the results by it. Hover over any item title to see its thumbnail. You click on the “plus” button next to an item to add it to the tracker.
    Enscouto's search results analysis popup
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