After being 30 days in beta, during which Enscouto has received good and valuable feedback from our beloved beta testers (which were all implemented in 4 beta releases), Enscouto has finally matured into stability. Enscouto is now officially available to anyone through the Google Chrome Store, for a one time fee of $15. Before you decide, you can try Enscouto for 14 days, free of charge.

During Enscouto’s beta stage, 5 new featured have been added, 10 bugs were fixed and 4 improvements were introduced. You can view the complete changelog here. All updates were based on feedback provided by our amazing beta testers. Below are some of the new features that were introduced during the beta stage:

Improved Item Revenue Information

Before beta, the item revenue box was bulky and tall. The pre-beta box was replaced in favor of a smaller box, that allows the user to choose the time frame for the revenue information.

Enscouto's embedded Item Revenue Box
Enscouto’s embedded Item Revenue Box


Comparator Item Colorization

During beta, one of the testers had suggested that items in the comparator have different colors to allow the user to easily distinguish between the. So we have created a custom color pool (matching Enscouto’s color scheme) that are automagically applied to items in the comparator:

Enscouto's item comparator
Enscouto’s item comparator


Comparator Item Visibility

Instead of removing items from the comparator, we introduced a new feature that allows you to simply toggle the visibility of an item to hide it from the charts & graphs:

Enscouto's comparator item visibility
Enscouto’s comparator item visibility

Tracker Item Charts

Instead of showing item sales & price changes over time, we converted the item graph into showing sales & revenue over time.

Enscouto's new Item Tracker graph
Enscouto’s new Item Tracker graph

Credit Due

I would like to thank the following individuals for providing feedback and hunting bugs during Enscouto’s beta stage. You helped make Enscouto what it is today!

  • Stock Waves
  • Alex Crivion
  • Andrej Arh
  • Yesenarman